HordeNG is yet another AI Horde frontend. The design is inspired by Artificial Art and Stable UI. This project aims to be a feature complete frontend for AI Horde while maintaining the simplicity of the aforementioned inspirations.

So what is the AI Horde, you ask? It's an open source network of workers that generate the content you ask for, for you. When workers generate something (image, text), they gain Kudos which in turn they can use for their own requests. Every request costs Kudos, but don't worry, you can go negative and your requests will still be handled! They will just be handled with lower priority. Visit the AI Horde website for more information.


  • Generating images (duh)
  • Can be used anonymously or with an api key
  • Store your images and configuration locally in your browser
  • Store images and configuration on AWS S3 or compatible (CloudFlare R2, Backblaze B2, Wasabi...)
  • Store images and configuration in Google Drive
  • Store images and configuration on Dropbox
  • Categorized models, searchable by name and tags
  • Apply predefined curated prompt styles
  • Search for and use LoRAs
  • ... and more!

HordeNG is open source and the source can be found on GitHub.

The logo was generated by Stable Diffusion and the original version (including metadata) can be found here.

Version: 0.0.1